Can I transfer over my AP credit(s)?

The Undergraduate Admissions section of the UC Irvine General Catalog provides information about AP credit transfers. In general, students who earn scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the College Board AP examinations will receive credit toward graduation at UC Irvine. The unit and subject credit allowed toward degree requirements assigned to each test are shown in the accompanying chart.

The following excerpts outline specifics of credit allowed for subjects in the Physical Sciences:

Exam Name Score Units Credits Allowed Toward Degree
Environmental Science 3 4 Elective Credit Only
4 or 5 4 Earth System Science 1
Chemistry 3 8 Elective credit only
4 or 5 8 Chemistry 1A plus four units of elective credit
Physics Exam B 3, 4, or 5 8 Elective credit only
Exam C, Part I or II 3 4 Elective credit only
4 or 5 4 Physics 7A/7LA or Physics 2
Exam C, Part I (Mechanics) 5 4 Physics 3A
Exam C, Part II (Electricity and Magnesium) 5 4 Physics 3B
Mathematics AB Exam 3 4 Elective credit only
4 or 5 4 Mathematics 2A
BC Exam 3 8 Mathematics 2A
4 or 5 8 Mathematics 2A-B